October 28, 2021

The Retirement Crisis: How can you Weather it?

With the pending retirement crisis causing many to fear for the stability of their pensions, how can physical asset investing help to secure your financial future?

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You might have heard about how many nations are considered to have an aging population, whereby the ratio of working age people to retirees is decreasing, causing a greater strain on social support networks and government pension schemes. According to many demographers and researchers in the UK, USA and Japan this is leading to a full blown retirement crisis, where large tracts of older people do not have enough money to sufficiently cover their living expenses, to the point where many are opting to carry on working well into their 60s and 70s. 

This is of course, unsustainable and leads to many choosing to find other ways of weathering the storm, in this article we will examine how physical asset investing represents one such strategy to safeguard your financial future. 

Physical asset investing is the process of acquiring physical luxury goods such as scotch cask whisky, classic collectors’ cars, luxury brand watches and rare coins, all of which appreciate in value as time passes. Also known as tangible goods, these represent one of the safest options for investors who are looking for stability and security. While stocks and cryptocurrencies can be very lucrative, they carry a much greater risk for loss due to the fact that their value is based upon public perception rather than actual physical market rates. 

This physical value means that the items are collectibles and only become rarer and rarer each passing year. As some have found, the return on investment can be enough to pay off a mortgage and retire early, such as this 2021 example. Of course like all investing there are still risks and you should always do your research first and speak to financial advisors before making any large purchases. 

By being more stable and secure than other investing groups such as stocks and equities, physical assets can help to provide the financial stability to enjoy life in retirement, without the stress of having to move rapidly with the ebb and flow of the global economy. Instead, with physical assets, you can relax and just wait for when you are ready to exit. Physical asset brokerages such as Hackstons will even handle sourcing a buyer for you and take care of the storage of your product in HMRC bonded warehouses. 

Whether you already have an investment portfolio and wish to strengthen it with physical assets or you are new to investing, Hackstons can help you to fortify your financial future. Contact us today! 

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