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About us

Hackstons is a multi-asset broker that helps clients acquire luxury and tangible goods for investment.

Through our experience, experts, and partners we have helped private individuals build real wealth by owning some of the most illustrious timepieces, art pieces, luxury handbags, coins, wine, and whisky.

Through a process of education, we empower our clients to own inflation-beating assets and then help them to secure premium insurance and or storage.

The opportunity

In an economy that is becoming increasingly digitalised, where companies can exponentially rise in value through acquiring users despite not generating profit and in fact regularly reporting losses. We are seeing more and more investors who are being drawn back to tangible assets investing. We personally feel that it is a lot easier to accurately predict the direction of something that mostly relies on the fundamentals of supply and demand.  

We use our network to perform meticulous research and provide our clients with the best opportunity to purchase scotch casks, timepieces, coins and classic cars that have good mid-long term growth prospects.

I have experienced a great level of service from start to finish with the guys at Hackstons. From my initial enquiry, they took time to understand my circumstances and what I was looking to achieve from investing in whisky.

I’ve had lots of contact with their head of buying and look forward to future business.
Patricia Stagg
Hackstons Client

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Keeping our integrity

As a long-term buyer of gold, I have always been a massive supporter of physical assets. Now with the team of experts that we have been able to surround ourselves with, I am very confident that we have the tools to help our clients build real wealth in this fast pace modern world.
Georgie Harris
Company Director
Own something finite with increasing demand then secure it and forget about it.
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