Frequently Asked Questions

Are scotch casks FCA REgulated?
What is a Delivery Order? How do I know where my cask is?
What are the risks to consider when investing in cask whisky?
Are there any limitations on storage for private investors?
What is Hackstons’ Ultimate Beneficial Owner Model?
What happens if Hackstons went into liquidation?
How long should I hold onto my cask for?
Are scotch casks a tax free asset?
Do I need to pay tax on a scotch whisky cask investment if I am a US citizen?
Does Hackstons only sell scotch whisky?
Do I need to find a buyer?
I already own a cask and am looking to sell, can Hackstons help?

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The whisky investment industry is unregulated, and as with all investments, the value of your investment can go up and down. Please note, there are risks to consider when investing in cask whisky, you can find more information around other risks relating to whisky cask investment, as well as an outline of some of our key terms of business with you, here.