Frequently Asked Questions

Are scotch casks FCA REgulated?
What is a Delivery Order? How do I know where my cask is?
Are there any limitations on storage for private investors?
What is Hackstons’ Ultimate Beneficial Owner Model?
Can I purchase through my business?
What happens if Hackstons went into liquidation?
How long should I hold onto my cask for?
Are scotch casks a tax free asset?
Do I need to pay tax on a scotch whisky cask investment if I am a US citizen?
Does Hackstons only sell scotch whisky?
Do I need to find a buyer?
I already own a cask and am looking to sell, can Hackstons help?
How secure are returns on a cask of whisky?

What our clients say

  1. You must be 18 years or older to purchase alcohol-based products from Hackstons.
  2. Hackstons is not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and we do not offer any specific financial advice on the use of assets as investments.
  3. All information about asset purchases on our website and social media sites is for information purposes only. No information provided should be taken as financial advice on asset investment. If you wish to obtain financial advice on asset investments, you should seek the assistance of a qualified financial advisor before carrying out your purchase through Hackstons.
  4. Hackstons employees are not tax advisors and cannot advise on the tax benefits of asset investment. If you require tax advice on asset investment, you should seek the advice of a qualified tax advisor.
  5. Information provided by Hackstons is of a purely general nature, and it does not always relate to trades, sales or returns carried out or achieved by Hackstons.
  6. As with all investments, an asset's value can go up and down.
  7. If you are purchasing a whisky cask, it is advisable to perform regular health checks on your cask every three years. Cask services are chargeable to the client, including regauging, samples and photographs.
  8. All casks are stored within HMRC-bonded warehouses and are subject to strict rules and regulations set by HMRC. Hackstons may occasionally require certain information from you to comply with HMRC requirements.