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“I had money sitting around and it wasn't doing anything for me. That made me more interested in investing in whisky”


“It was nice to sit down at the table and say exactly what I'm looking for and Hackstons said what they could offer, and we've worked well together ever since”


“Reiss was brilliant in explaining to me the barrel I was getting into, the pros and cons of the market and really gave me confidence in investing”


“It's been a really pleasant experience with Hackstons. Buying something physical is quite nice to do”


“What I got from Hackstons is a really clear view of how the investments work, especially working alongside Glen in growing my investment”


“I wanted to diversify my portfolio but I wanted something physical as it was nice to spread my portfolio and it's been an interesting experience”


“My experience with Hackstons has been really informative. I didn’t really understand how the whisky market worked before. What I really like about Hackstons is the person to person contact, I know the people and those people always talk to me”


“It’s been a really good experience working with Hackstons so far, they’re a really good company. My portfolio manager always keeps in regular contact, it's always good to hear what’s been going on in the whisky market”


“Hackstons has been one of the better investments I’ve made. Whenever I call them, they answer the phone. Hackstons are very genuine to me and I feel safe investing with them”

Jimmy & Simon

“They seem to know everything there is to know about whisky and investing. They know their stuff. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, we have been taken through what I think is 7/8 whiskies and apart from the 2nd they were all absolutely fantastic”


My first impressions of Hackstons were this is just another investment company trying to sell you something. Smooth salesman that has got all of the patter but the more I got to know Hackstons and my rep, they were more interested in me and what suited me as a person and what suited me”


“I feel really positive about whisky investment. I am looking at it as a diversifier to my portfolio, and it's nice to be involved with something that you get a chance to enjoy as well as see the benefit of some of the returns. Really enjoyable event. Very informative, great company, and actually it's delivered fantastic food. It has delivered everything that I wanted”
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