Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to ensuring that Hackstons uphold its obligations to maintain the highest ethical standards, not just towards our clients and staff, but the wider world as well. 

We have undertaken a number of initiatives and support many organisations and charities which match our desire to help. When deciding on who to work with we consult our team to find out about issues that are close to their hearts. Here are some of our latest initiatives that we are proud to support:


The whisky industry uses a vast amount of wood, taken from rare hardwood forests across North America and Europe, to be used in the manufacture of casks. We are committed to ensuring that these vital forest ecosystems are replenished so that future generations can enjoy both fine scotch whisky and the beauty of the natural world. Therefore, for every cask that we procure for our clients, we contribute to One Tree Planted in their mission. 

One Tree Planted is dedicated to reforestation efforts across the world, planting trees across every continent but Antartica. By working with a wide network of partners, One Tree Planted is part of the Trillion Trees Initiative, a global campaign to help grow a trillion trees by 2030. 

Hackstons are proud to partner with One Tree Planted in tackling this issue.  We have also taken to cutting down on our own impact on the environment, with the creation of an online cask portal to lessen the physical paper used by our office.

“Ever since I was young I would enjoy hiking across the Scottish Highlands, exploring the woods and moors. This was one of the reasons why I find whisky investment so alluring, acquiring something that is shaped by the natural beauty of its home. I believe it is imperative that this must be preserved for our children.” - Georgie Harris, CEO
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Mental Health

Nobody should be alone. For our founders, mental health is one of the biggest issues modern society faces, everyone is impacted by it. Thus we are proud to support Mind, one of the largest mental health charities in the UK. Mind works around the clock to help those in need. Mind supports people through the formation of community outreach groups, education surrounding mental health or simply offering someone to talk to. 

Just recently our COO, Alphie Valentine climbed Mount Snowdon in order to raise money: 

"I have experienced mental health within my family and know how challenging the effects are to both the person and the family. It was an honour to climb Mount Snowden for such a great cause."

We have also undertaken a number of initiatives to improve the wellbeing of our own staff, from implementing an early finish on Fridays, closing the offices completely over the Christmas season and monthly days out where the team go on various trips together. 

Check this space to find out about more of our upcoming events, such as our raffle in which we helped to raise money for Mind.

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What our clients say

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