Our Team

Our Team

Like you, we know that great companies are built when good ideas coalesce with good people that create good synergy. At Hackstons our ecosystem is far-reaching so we would like to credit the independent brokers, vendors, tradespeople, analysts, researchers, and content creators that we work with.

Our continuous success would not be possible without them and our core in-house team.

My father has been collecting gold as a store of wealth since the ’70s. This tradition has been passed on to me, and I have been dollar-cost averaging my portfolio since 2001.


I acquired land in Royal Albert, Docklands. Planning permission was granted, and then land was developed by Laing O’Rourke, producing 198 luxury apartments.

Head of Finance

I purchased an Audemars Piguet skeleton perpetual calendar in 2012. A few years later, the timepiece was discontinued and since it has increased in value over 400%.

Head of Operations

A client gifted me a case of Boêrl & Kroff in 2018; in 2019, the case had increased in value so dramatically that I sold 3 bottles and kept 3 bottles, which we enjoyed at my wedding in July of that year.

Head of Stock & Logistics

Born and raised in Japan, Pokémon has always been intrinsically linked to my culture. I started collecting when I was 9, and some of my cards are now valued at over £1,000.00.

Head of Asia PACific

My father has always collected “things”. In 1987, he purchased an unreleased record by The Beatles. The song was “How do you do it”, which was later released by Jerry and The Pacemakers and became a huge hit.

Director of Marketing

The pride and joy of my collection is 180 million years old! I like to look for fossils and taxidermies in markets where sellers often do not realise the rarity of the species being sold. I once found a marine reptile tooth that was mislabelled as a sea snail shell.

Lead Content writer

Having grown up in a family of Arsenal fans, I’ve built up a pretty impressive collection of memorabilia! The centrepieces of my collection are signed balls from both Tony Adams and Marc Overmars.

Social media Director

They say bags and shoes are a woman’s best friend. Well, I have been collecting vintage Gucci Bags since 2013. My favourite was purchased whilst living inBritish Columbia in 2016.

Office Manager

My grandmother has never failed to remind me of the importance of my Mexican roots. As per my family's matriarchal tradition, she plans to pass down her antique Jade necklace to me.

Administrative assistant

My mother has been holding onto a Tiffany & Co diamond ring that was her mother’s wedding ring. It is over 70 years old; however, I am not allowed to have it until I meet that special someone.

Luxury Asset Manager

In late 2014, I had the opportunity, surprising as it was, to purchase a box of 20 Cohiba Robusto Reserva Cosecha cigars. A beautiful smoke, tucked safely away for special dates.

Luxury Asset Manager

Previously being an equestrian for 12 years, I have always had a love for horses. Man Friday, a chestnut breed, was bought by Willow Tree Riding School. I was the only person tall enough to ride him at the time, and we won lots of shows until he was sold for a considerable sum.

Luxury Asset Manager

Watching the value of my Rolex Day-Date appreciate in double digits every year since 2017 has enticed my appetite in the multi-asset investment world. I intend to grow my collection and pass it down for generations to come.

Luxury Asset Manager

My grandfather is a keen Photographer. He has a unique collection of Leica cameras including a rare M2. He has promised his portfolio to his grandchildren but sometimes I practice with his M6.

Luxury Asset Manager

My Grandad collected St Dupont lighters, he passed them onto me and I’ve continued this passion. The most precious lighter in my collection dates back to 1945!

Luxury Asset Manager

For me, it’s my shoe collection. It all started with my pair of Nike Yeezy 2 Red October, which I got in a raffle. Now they are being resold for £20,000! From there my collection has expanded to take up quite a bit of space.

Luxury Asset Manager

What our clients say

  1. You must be 18 years or older to purchase alcohol-based products from Hackstons.
  2. Hackstons is not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and we do not offer any specific financial advice on the use of assets as investments.
  3. All information about asset purchases on our website and social media sites is for information purposes only. No information provided should be taken as financial advice on asset investment. If you wish to obtain financial advice on asset investments, you should seek the assistance of a qualified financial advisor before carrying out your purchase through Hackstons.
  4. Hackstons employees are not tax advisors and cannot advise on the tax benefits of asset investment. If you require tax advice on asset investment, you should seek the advice of a qualified tax advisor.
  5. Information provided by Hackstons is of a purely general nature, and it does not always relate to trades, sales or returns carried out or achieved by Hackstons.
  6. As with all investments, an asset's value can go up and down.
  7. If you are purchasing a whisky cask, it is advisable to perform regular health checks on your cask every three years. Cask services are chargeable to the client, including regauging, samples and photographs.
  8. All casks are stored within HMRC-bonded warehouses and are subject to strict rules and regulations set by HMRC. Hackstons may occasionally require certain information from you to comply with HMRC requirements.