Originally built in 1830 by George Donald, before eventually being bought by whisky icon Johnnie Walker in 1893. The Annandale distillery would continue production until 1919 where focus would be placed solely on the Johnnie Walker blend.  

The distillery would fall into a ‘deep slumber’ until 2007 where the distillery would be purchased by the Annandale Distillery Company. By 2014 the first casks were filled and the visitor centre was opened. It wasn’t long before the headlines reported the groundbreaking sale of an unpeated cask from the distillery selling for £1 million. 

There are two main expressions released by the distillery, a smooth unpeated contemporary whisky and a stronger peated one. Both of these are aged in American oak casks.

To this day Annandale has gone on to become closely tied to its Scottish heritage releasing expressions tied into two of the most famous figures from the nation’s history: Robert Burns and Robert the Bruce. These releases would go on to win multiple awards in 2015.


260,000 Litres
Annandale Distillery Company

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