Founded in 1898, Ardmore distillery prides itself on its traditional distilling processes having been heavily focused on producing peated malts since its inception. Ardmore is a highland whisky steeped in tradition, with it being the last distillery in Scotland to switch from fire to steam heated stills in 2001. 

This consistency is why it is frequently used in the popular Teacher’s blended scotch as one of the principal malts in the blend, lending its rich peaty flavours.

In 2006 American-Japanese giant Beam-Suntory purchased the distillery. This led to Ardmore releasing more bottlings under its legacy branding, which has been met with both critical and commercial success. 

Selling well over a million cases a year with a particular brand strength in the titanic Indian and Brazilian markets, while its rare independent bottlings are among the most coveted for collectors. 

Its prominent Golden Eagle branding is a beacon to the highest of quality for scotch experts worldwide. 


5,530,000 litres
Beam Suntory

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