While one of the newer distilleries on this list Arran distillery has proven itself to be both a critical and commercial hit. 

During the initial construction of the site, work had to be halted as a mated pair of golden eagles had nested on a nearby cliff. Due to this the distillery adopted the twin golden eagles as its branding. 

Fiercely independent, this distillery acquired nearly all of its funding from private investors. 

The distillery is a patron of the Robert Burns Foundation, after Scotland’s famous national poet. The distillery released the Robert Burns blended whisky to critical acclaim and is the only distillery with permission to use his name in their marketing. 

By 2017 the distillery had significantly expanded to include an additional two stills and the construction of its own warehouses. By 2019 a second distillery was constructed nearby to meet the demand, with much of the production of its peated whiskies moved there.


750,000 Litres
Isle of Arran Distillers Ltd

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