Balblair distillery was originally founded in 1790. In 1895 it was rebuilt at a different site in order to be closer to the Edderton railway station. The original water source nearer to the first site was so good, however, that the distillery continued to transport water from the Ault Dearg burn by tanker. This practice still continues to this day and is what gives the Balblair whisky its slightly smoky tone. 

In 1996 the distillery was purchased by Inver House Distillers, who continues to operate the distillery until the present day. Notably the distillery also has one of the oldest archives of whisky sales, dating back to the earliest entry in 1800. Independent bottlings are fairly rare with most of its range being used in its various vintage expressions.


1,800,000 Litres
Inver House Distillers

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