When a blender needs that rich sulphur infused character for their whiskies, Benrinnes is the go to. Located on the slopes of Speyside’s sentinel mountain, ‘The Ben’ this whisky evokes Scotland’s volcanic prehistory with rich sultry notes, coming from the granite that its waters run over. 

Just like its profile, the distillery’s history is just as incredible. Despite being flooded, burnt down and two world wars Benrinnes has always survived and thrived in adversity. Notably the distillery’s liquid contributes to Johnnie Walker and J&B. 

There have only been a few independent bottlings in its history making Benrinnes releases much anticipated by collectors, most notably being a part of Gordon and McPhail’s Connoisseur's Choice label. These independent bottlings have varied wildly in profile with some being lighter, while others having a more spicy palate. The most commonly described flavours from this distillery are that of dark chocolate mixed with a rich meaty character.



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