The Bowmore distillery was originally founded in 1779 by Islay ferry operator and postmaster David Simson. Ownership would pass on to James Mutter, Vice Consul to the Ottoman Empire. Mutter would bring in a number of innovations to help modernise the distillery, even constructing a steam ship to transport barley to the distillery. 

Between the world wars the distillery closed, with it hosting the RAF Coastal Command throughout the Second World War. After the war Bowmore regained its footing, passing through numerous owners until in 1994 Japanese - American giant Beam Suntory took over. 

Bowmore has emerged as one of the leading premium whiskies from Islay. There have been numerous high profile releases and collaborations with other luxury brands such as Aston Martin. The Black Bowmore Trilogy is perhaps the most famous release of theirs, being the oldest Islay single malt whisky ever released. This of course, means that it is highly coveted by collectors and the scramble for bottles is palpable. 

As a side note Bowmore was the first scotch distillery Queen Elizabeth II ever visited.


1,700,000 Litres
Beam Suntory

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