One of the largest distilleries in Scotland, it’s owned by William Grant & Sons and is one of their key production facilities. It is one of the most important grain whiskies due to it being a vital component of Grant's, the third most popular scotch in the world for 2021. 

When the Girvan distillery incorporated the Ailsa Bay Distillery into its site, it was attended by Prince Charles in 2009. Furthermore Ailsa Bay has begun to experiment with releasing whisky protected by blockchain tech to prevent counterfeiting, with its release in 2019. 

In total the distillery has 53 on-site warehouses, the casks stored within constitute almost 10% of all the scotch whisky in the world. 

The distillery released bottlings under Grant’s Black Barrel, which is extremely popular in Scandinavia, Italy, Spain and most importantly France which is the third largest whisky consuming country in the world.


115,000,000 litres
William Grant & Sons

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