Owned by France’s second largest spirits company La Martiniquaise, Glen Moray stands strong as both a supplier for blended whiskies as well as single malt by itself. Glen Moray is used most prevalently in Label 5, a name unfamiliar to western consumers but one of the pinnacles of the vast Chinese scotch market. 

What makes our analysts really stand up with this whisky is the massive recent expansions to the distillery to cope with the Chinese demand. From a period between 2012 and 2016, millions were spent in upgrading the site to massively increase its capacity. Glen Moray also forms a large part of the Speyside whisky tours with this cementing its brand as a staple of the River Lossie valley. 

In recent years Glen Moray has made moves to tap into the ever growing youth whisky market by releasing its Curiosity Collection, which finishes its whisky in more unusual containers such as Carribean rum casks.


3,300,000 litres
Glen Turner Company (subsidiary of La Martiniquaise)

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