Founded in 1878 this distillery actually started out focused on oatmeal before whisky became a more profitable enterprise for its founder James Stuart.

 Located in Rothes, this distillery sits in the heart of the Speyside region with excellent connections to other distilleries allowing easy transport of liquid to be blended. Nearly its entire production is used in J&B whisky. 

J&B whisky holds an iconic place among scotch aficionados being the whisky of choice for Beatle George Harrison, writer Graham Greene and of course the ‘Rat Pack’ Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. 

Glen Spey (along with Glenlossie and Strathmill) continues to use 'purifiers'. Purifiers act as small condensers, returning a proportion of the alcohol vapours back to the pot to be re-distilled. So, this would increase the amount of 'reflux' within the pot stills. This results in a lighter spirit.

According to legend the distillery is haunted by the ghost of a soldier from World War 2 who was accidentally electrocuted. 


1,400,000 litres

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