Established in 1826 the Glendronach distillery had a troubled past with the original building being destroyed in a fire in 1837, with the original owner James Allardice going bankrupt in 1842. 

During its brief run it had however built up a solid reputation as a high quality distillery. It wasn’t until 1920 however when Captain Charles Grant, the youngest of William Grant’s (of Glenfiddich & Grant’s fame) sons took over. It remained with the family for four decades before being purchased by Teacher & Sons and then Allied Distillers who added further stills. 

The distillery changed hands a further few times before in 2016 being acquired by Jack Daniels manufacturer Brown-Forman. Glendronach is famous for using ex-sherry casks to finish its whisky, which has led to global acclaim. In Taiwan, the world’s third largest scotch export market, Glendronach is extremely popular.


1,300,000 Litres

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