As of 2017 the whisky produced at the Glenfiddich distillery is the world’s best selling. 

Founded in 1886 by industry icon William Grant, Glenfiddich is probably one of the biggest success stories in the history of scotch. Unlike many other distilleries it has never changed hands since its initial founding. It also was one of the only distilleries to actually increase production during the 1920s when the US brought about prohibition. This meant that once the law was repealed, Glenfiddich was in a strong position to bounce back at full strength. 

This strategy was repeated once again during the turbulent economic times of the early 70s where once again they increased production. They also kicked off the modern preference for single malt whiskies through clever marketing throughout these decades. Furthermore they recognised the importance of the airport duty free market, which has led to Glenfiddich performing well across 180 nations across the world. Glenfiddich accounts for 35% of all single malt scotch sales. It is currently run by the fifth generation of the Grant family.


13,000,000 Litres
William Grant & Sons
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