One of three distilleries present in the Campbeltown region. The original Glengyle distillery was founded in 1872 but was a victim of the disruption caused by World War 1 and the resulting economic downturn, alongside many other Campbeltown distilleries. 

At the turn of the millennium the distillery was purchased by Mitchell's Glengyle Ltd, the company being run by a descendent of the distillery’s original founder. Ever since Glengyle has remained very much a family run business. 

This independence has allowed the distillery to experiment with a number of different styles, peated and non-peated, triple distillation and various lighter expressions. While bourbon and sherry are the primary choice for finishes, in the past more exotic casks such as madeira and rum have been used. 

Its single malts are bottled under the name Kilkerran. Their award winning malts are in very short supply, with only 650 casks filled annually, meaning that this is a rare whisky.


750,000 Litres
J&A Mitchell & Company

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