The Glenkinchie distillery was founded back in 1837 by the Rate Brothers, who built a new distillery on top of the site of a previously illicit still. Fortunes changed however and the location was turned into a sawmill in 1853.

The distillery was revived by Major James Grey in 1890 and would see continuous operation, with it eventually coming to be a part of Diageo’s stable of whiskies. 

It wasn’t until 1998 that Glenkinchie would begin to release as a single malt, when it was chosen as the Lowlands representative in Diageo’s Classic Malts series. 

Its floral single malts would gain attention at the 2013 World Whiskies Awards when its 12 Year Old expression took home the prize for Best Lowland Single Malt. 

Glenkinchie also received a new visitor’s centre in 2018 as part of Diageo’s massive £150 million investment into distillery tourist facilities. 


2,700,000 Litres
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