Founded in 1876 by John Duff, this distillery now forms a centrepiece in Diageo’s blending arm. Located on the same site as Mannochmore, Glenlossie is focused on producing high quality whisky to be used in many of Diageo’s most popular blends. 

Its 14 on-site warehouses hold over 250,000 casks.

It has a rather unique flavour profile due to having a much longer fermentation process combined with the purifier arms means that Glenlossie’s spirit is notably more delicate.

Independent bottlings are extremely rare because of the need for so much of the spirit in blended whiskies. Its high quality meant it was an obvious choice to be included in the famous Flora and Fauna range. 

Recently Glenlossie’s owners have invested £6 million to build a state of the art bioenergy plant. By burning draff, the leftover grain from the distilling process, the plant will help to reduce the carbon footprint of the distillery. 


1,100,000 litres

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