Founded during the Pattison crash of 1898, this Speyside distillery was founded in hardship but rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Purchased by the second largest drinks conglomerate in the world, Pernod Ricard, Glentauchers contributes to the Chivas Regal and other top tier premium whiskies. 

In total over 4,500,000 litres are produced per annum. Like other blended whisky contributors, this distillery only holds 1% of its total production for single malt, with the rest of it being blended. This makes Glentauchers another favourite for independent bottlers due to its easily collectible nature.

Glentauchers is a key component in some of the most popular blends such as Ballantine’s and Teacher’s. The most important blend for this distillery is potentially Black & White. The founder of the distillery, James Buchanan, also started the Black & White brand.


4,500,000 litres
Pernod Ricard

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