This Orkney based distillery is perhaps the most remote in the world. Highland Park distillery was founded in 1798 by Magnus Eunson who led a double life as a preacher by day and illegal distiller at night. The distillery did not receive an official licence until 1826.

Orkney is a unique setting for distilling due to its uniquely temperate climate for such a northerly chain of islands. This gives it a uniquely smoky yet citric character. Meanwhile the local peat bogs have an unusual amount of heather growing within them, lending an exquisite aroma to the whisky. 

Its branding draws its roots from Orkney’s Viking heritage making it stand out from many other brands. 

Famous distilled spirits expert F. Paul Pacult called Highland Park "The Best Spirit in the World" on three separate occasions. Alongside this is a long list of accolades which has led to Highland Park being only second to The Macallan in auction sales.


2,500,000 Litres
Edrington Group
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