While one of the newer distilleries on this list, it is certainly steeped in tradition. 

The Kilchoman distillery is one of only six other distilleries that still uses traditional floor maltings. In fact it is the only distillery to complete all stages of the whisky making process locally on the island of Islay. Even the barley itself is grown on site at Rockside Farm, leading to the phrase “From Barley to Bottle” being used to describe Kilchoman. 

This dedication to preserving the qualities that make Islay whiskies so unique has paid off. Kilchoman single malts can be found in 50 countries in some of the largest scotch markets in the world such as France, the US and China. 

In January 2022 the distillery received an additional £22.5 million in funding, with them adding a new warehouse and expanding the facilities to produce 40% more whisky over the next year.


221,000 Litres
Anthony Wills

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