Calling the island of Islay home, Lagavulin distillery has come to characterise the distinctly strong medicinal qualities of the region. 

Of its 1,400,000 litre capacity almost 98% of it is reserved for use in single malts and the distillery does not produce blends itself. However White Horse uses Lagavulin as its base component. 

It is one of the oldest verified distillation sites in Scotland with records showing an illegal still being located there in 1742. 

In the 19th century there were numerous disputes with the neighbouring Laphroaig distillery over copying. However, the water sources for both distilleries are completely different resulting in two differing whiskies. 

Between 2005 and 2008 the distillery won four consecutive golds at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The distillery is owned by Diageo.

This distillery is famous in popular culture for its appearance in The West Wing, Parks & Recreation and the iconic whisky heist The Angel’s Share. Comedian and actor Nick Offerman is a frequent collaborator with the distillery having stated that it is his favourite single malt.


1,400,000 Litres

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