The Laphroaig distillery on the island of Islay is world renowned for its smoky iodine flavour. Many describe the taste as almost medicinal, which allowed it to cleverly avoid the strict prohibition laws of the US during the 1920s, by passing it as a medicine. Before this a long running feud broke out between it and neighbouring distillery Lagavulin resulted in lengthy court battles, blocking of water and poaching staff. 

In 1994 Prince Charles awarded the distillery his royal warrant and is the only whisky to have done so. The whisky is the Prince’s favourite. Out of all the Islay whiskies, Laphroaig has been the best selling since 2002. It has been under the stewardship of American Japanese giant Beam-Suntory 2014.


3,300,000 Litres
Beam Suntory

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