Nestled on the border of the Highlands, near the shores of the vast Loch Lomond, the Loch Lomond stands tall as an independent powerhouse. The distillery produces both malt and grain whisky, of which Inchmurrin is its speciality single malt expression. While a distillery has existed on the site in some form since 1814, the present site was founded in 1964. 

Founded by the owners of the Littlemill distillery, it survived much of whisky loch through its focus on single malts and innovative distilling methods. These stills can produce alcohol up to 90% ABV where normal stills deliver the alcohol at around 70% ABV. What this means is that the process is far more efficient and allows for greater control over the flavours of the product throughout the process. In 2014 the company came under the ownership of Private Equity group, Exponent. 

Inchmurrin since the 2014 buyout has become far more prominent within the distillery’s portfolio with a heavy emphasis on Madeira finishes. The whisky is unlike most other Highlands in that it is rich, fruity and floral.

In 2020, Inchmurrin won double gold at the San Francisco World Spirit Awards and a gold at the International Spirits Challenge 2020. Loch Lomond Distillery is also the official spirit of The Open and since 2020 is a sponsor of the Rugby Pro14.


3,000,000 litres
Loch Lomond Distillery Company

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