Located in Edinburgh, just south of Murrayfield Stadium, this distillery was founded in 1885 but did not start production until 1887. Over 3,000 tonnes of maize are used to produce the yearly output of this distillery. It stands as only one of six remaining grain whisky distilleries. 

While production was halted through both of the two world wars due to grain being diverted to feed civilian populations, the distillery has run largely uninterrupted since its founding. 

North British is used in the most prestigious and popular blended malts in the world. From the lofty heights of the critically acclaimed Grand Old Parr to the absolute domineering ubiquity of Johnnie Walker, North British forms an integral part of these blends.

Other recipients include Black & White, Buchanan's, J&B, Famous Grouse, The Glenrothes and many more. This is because this distillery is actually a joint enterprise between industry giants Diageo and Edrington. 

The distillery has never released an official expression, although there have been a few independent bottlings which are expensive due to their rarity. Douglas Laing released a 20 year old which sold for around £575 a bottle. In 2018 a 58 year old expression was released, and was retailing online at £1700 per bottle. 


130,000,000 litres
Diageo/Erdington joint ownership

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