For those not in the know, a ghost whisky is a scotch whisky whose distillery is no longer producing alcohol. This means that each year the whisky becomes closer and closer to becoming extinct, as those last casks are bottled then drunk. To own a ghost whisky is almost like watching an endangered species and collector’s go wild for them. 

Port Dundas is the pinnacle of ghost whiskies due to its two century long history and the fact that its casks are extraordinarily rare. Founded in 1811, the distillery was the largest in Scotland, located just outside of Glasgow. It rapidly gained a reputation for producing exceptional quality malts, both peated and unpeated, as its three column and five pot stills churned out gallons of scotch. 

Diageo often uses the dwindling supply of Port Dundas in its rare whisky releases, such as the Johnny Walker Blue Label Ghost. Meanwhile Independent Bottlers have also enjoyed using this endangered whisky in a number of limited expensive releases. 

While too valuable to be sampled by our analysts, taste notes from various critics show an almost tropical fruit character with a peppery aftertaste.


1811 (Closed in 2010)
39,000,000 litres (before closure)
Diageo (before closure)
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