Also known as ‘The King’s Own Whisky’, founded over two centuries ago, in 1812. On a fateful visit to Scotland in 1835, King William IV selected this distillery to be the King’s choice for scotch and Brackla was issued a Royal warrant allowing it to use the word ‘royal’ in its name. In the history of scotch only two other distilleries have received a royal warrant with only one other surviving to this day (Royal Lochnagar). It was famously Queen Victoria’s favourite scotch. 

Currently owned by drinks giant Bacardi as part of their scotch arm John Dewar & Sons Ltd, this top tier scotch is a must have due to its royal heritage. Used heavily in Dewar's White label, the most popular scotch in the US. 

However, you will be hard pressed to find a bottle sitting on a supermarket shelf, further adding to the mystique of this scotch. Instead limited release independent bottlings ensure the illustrious nature of this whisky. Bacardi is releasing a new series of expressions which were meant to be released in 2020, although production was impacted by COVID. At present it seems that the release is back on track.


3,500,000 litres

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