Established in 1828 by the Reid Brothers, before the Springbank distillery was bought by John and William Mitchell in 1837. Later the owning company would become J&A Mitchell.

The distillery was closed between 1926 to 1936 as the US prohibition caused profits to plummet. 

Production continued seamlessly at the distillery until the poor UK economy of 1979 caused another decade-long closure. 

In 1993 however it was discovered that Springbank distillery was the producer of the small whisky bottles sold at the royal estate at Balmoral. This was in part due to the very traditional methods, with much of its production being done by hand. This factor has kept the distillery popular to this day. 

In 1997 it distilled its whisky for the first time under its unpeated Hazelburn brand, meanwhile it also later offered the heavily peated Longrow.

Throughout all this time the distillery has remained part of the same family owned company. This has meant that the distillery is the only one in Scotland to still perform every single step of the distilling process on-site rather than using larger scale industrial suppliers.


750,000 Litres
J&A Mitchell & Company

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