Originally founded in 1823, this Speyside whisky has been instrumental in the production of J&B whisky since its acquisition in 1997 by Diageo. Kept as one of its many world-class workhorse distilleries, Strathmill has remained a quiet but solid choice for investors. 

At one point the distillery hosted a ‘whisky fountain’ where whisky was piped straight from the stills into an open container. Regrettably this feature is no longer present at the distillery. 

For those in the know J&B whisky holds an iconic place among scotch aficionados being the whisky of choice for Beatle George Harrison, writer Graham Greene and of course the ‘Rat Pack’ Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. 

In recent years, Strathmill’s Whisky was part of the iconic Flora and Fauna range and a 25 year old release in 2014 which is its only official release, making this whisky rare. 


1,800,000 litres

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