Situated on the Hebridean island of Mull, the Tobermory distillery was established in 1798. It is the only distillery on the island. 

It had a turbulent history of closures and changes of owner. In 2013 the distillery came under the ownership of South African drinks giant Distell Group. 

Producing both unpeated and a smaller amount of peated whisky, it is most commonly used in the Black Bottle blended whisky whose own origins date back to 1879. 

Its standalone official single malt releases are split between the unpeated and fruity Tobermory and the heavily peated,  smoky, vigorous Ledaig. Neither of these releases use artificial colouring and nor chill filtering, further adding to the authenticity of the whisky among collectors. 

In 2022 the distillery offered Sydney Whisky Week revellers a chance to try its new The Ledaig expression with a unique Rioja finish. In the same year Tobermory distillery took home two silvers at the International Wine and Spirits Competition.


1,000,000 Litres
Burn Stewart (Distell)

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