London Physical Assets Broker Sources Rare Ghost Whiskies for Private Investors

London based multi-asset broker, Hackstons, acquired 9 casks of Port Dundas whisky for distribution to private investors and collectors. The rarity and value of the casks meant they sold for an extremely high but indeterminate price, this is due to their ‘ghost whisky’ status.

A ghost whisky is a whisky whose distillery is no longer operating thus it commands the highest prices. Port Dundas is the pinnacle of ghost whiskies due to its two century long history and the fact that its casks are extraordinarily rare.

Founded in 1811, the distillery was the largest in Scotland, located just outside of Glasgow. It rapidly gained a reputation for producing exceptional quality malts, both peated and unpeated, as its three column and five pot stills churned out gallons of scotch.

However, this was not to last, after 200 years of making the finest of whiskies the stills stopped. In 2011 Diageo bought the legendary distillery and turned it into a historical estate. The actual production of the grain whisky moved to Cameronbridge and thus the last casks of Port Dundas were made. Each year the casks have become rarer and rarer, so this is a unique opportunity for ghost whisky collectors and discerning investors. Owning a cask from this distillery has real collectible value.

“Casks of ghost whisky have long since been inaccessible to all but the wealthiest of investors and enterprises, however, with the rise of trusted multi-asset brokers such as Hackstons the ghost whisky market is opening to the private collectors and investors.” Alphie Valentine, Head of Operations, Hackstons.

In the past ghost whisky casks have been largely inaccessible to private investors and collectors due to storage solutions being too expensive, but with luxury asset brokers such as Hackstons who aid in coordinating with HMRC bonded warehouses the market has opened up allowing the private investors to build their wealth through whisky investing.

About Hackstons

Located in the iconic Gherkin building in the beating heart of London, Hackstons is a multi-asset brokerage specialising in physical and tangible goods such as scotch casks, luxury timepieces, gold bullion and coins along with classic cars and designer handbags.

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