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“I did a bit of research before I chose Hackstons, looked at a number of different companies, and Hackstons came across very well. Chris, my Account Manager has been absolutely fantastic since we’ve started. It wasn’t a hard sell which was important to us as we didn’t want to be pushed in that particular way. It’s been informative, Chris is great to speak to, he’s spent a lot of time with us and it’s been really enjoyable. This is the first of several I think, and hopefully the start of a long relationship with Hackstons too.”


“I was looking at expanding my portfolio and diversifying a little bit. I do enjoy whisky but I was interested in whisky as an investment opportunity. So I contacted Hackstons, looked into their organisation, did some due diligence about their capability, about their honesty, about their integrity and I really bought into the organisation.”


“I love whisky, I love the experience. Hackstons have made it a completely different world for me. Being able to taste whiskies but also to be able to be with like-minded people and enjoy experiences like this. Hackstons made this possible, thank you!”


"I first invested with Hackstons a couple of years ago now. They were the first people I contacted about investing and I was impressed with the approach, it’s a very professional approach. My first contact with Hackstons was with Chris Harwood, I’ve been very impressed with his approach, and with the approach of Hackstons in general. Very professional, they’re always there when I need to speak with them about what’s going on behind the scenes, and also they contact me with some interesting opportunities. I can certainly recommend Hackstons if you’re thinking about investing in whisky"

Nektarios & Reinhard

"This is another income stream for me, and it seems like a good alternative investment, and I’m looking forward to the returns once the cask matures! This event has been amazing, great whisky, great company and a wealth of knowledge."


“The service that I’ve had from Hackstons is the reason why I invested with Hackstons. What I learned about investing is that it’s not just about the product but also the relationships with the people you’re working with. And the time that Hackstons invested in me, it was very gentle around my cautions, and I never once felt sold to. I’ve loved every minute of being part of Hackstons, and I’m looking forward to continuing that relationship.”


“Glen is my Portfolio Manager, and we have a great relationship, and talk about all sorts of things. Ultimately, Hackstons have been fantastic.”


“It’s been great. Friendly, personable people. At the end of the day, people want to do business with people, and that’s what I got with Hackstons.”


“I’ve recently become an investor with Hackstons, and in terms of anything I’ve invested in before, this has certainly been one of my best experiences. Chris, who I’ve dealt with has been very supportive, communicative and available throughout the whole process, and it’s great to be invited to an event like this as a new investor.”


“I was drawn in by social media, and then having inquired the information that was shared with me was great, and the callbacks inspired confidence in me to continue with the investment. Individually, my Portfolio Manager Chris has been great, always available and never pushy. The after service has also been really good.”


“Hackstons really take into account your comfort, and really have time to speak more about what you’re investing in, and I think it’s amazing that they really take care and put a lot of detail into hosting their events and looking after their clients.”


"Hackstons is a great company to work with. I was a wee bit apprehensive initially investing in whisky, but when it gets explained to you the ins and outs, which Hackstons took me through every step of the way, explaining exactly what you're buying into. I thoroughly recommend them, it's an excellent company."


“Hackstons have been brilliant. I’ve dealt primarily with Chris, he’s very approachable, we have long, involved conversations on the phone about everything from whisky to wine and beyond. It’s very friendly, amicable, there isn’t a hard sell in any way, shape or form. They really do look after you.”


“Working with Hackstons has been excellent. It was an investment opportunity, I came on board, and they have literally guided me through the investment process with whisky. I say this genuinely, I could not recommend them highly enough, they have been fantastic.”


“Hackstons I’ve always liked from the get-go. They’re a company that works well with everybody, they’re a good team, they gel together. There’s always a friendly atmosphere at all the events, and the other thing I like about them is that they’re very thorough and professional in the sector they’re in.”


“I have to say, it’s been a very enjoyable experience. I’m invested in whisky, I have a couple of casks, and it seems to be a very good investment. Everything I know about whisky I’ve learned from Hackstons, I didn’t know anything about it before, so yes it’s been a most enjoyable experience.”


“I’ve really enjoyed myself, it’s been amazing. I must say these guys really know how to put on an event. Ricki’s the guy that’s been talking to me all this time, he helped me a lot and in the end I invested because of Ricki. Look, this is about trust, you’ve got to get a guy you can trust, I met Ricki and I trusted him. He helped me a lot, gave me lots of advice, I’ve even bought a distillery now, all down to Ricki.”


“I’ve been in touch with Glen from Hackstons, he’s very, very knowledgeable and supportive and has given me lots of advice. It’s been a few months with Hackstons, and it’s been an amazing journey so far.”


“So far so good with Hackstons, positive attitude and straightforward. My Portfolio Manager Chris is very helpful and it’s a nice relationship. I’m pretty confident so far, and I’m glad I’m on board. Chris helped me tremendously to do my first investment with Hackstons.”


“Reiss was brilliant in explaining to me the barrel I was getting into, the pros and cons of the market and really gave me confidence in investing”


“My experience with Hackstons is excellent. My portfolio manager has really looked after me for the past year and I invested in whiskies and I will continue to do so. His services were very, very good.”


“I had money sitting around and it wasn't doing anything for me. That made me more interested in investing in whisky”


“It was nice to sit down at the table and say exactly what I'm looking for and Hackstons said what they could offer, and we've worked well together ever since”


“It's been a really pleasant experience with Hackstons. Buying something physical is quite nice to do”


“What I got from Hackstons is a really clear view of how the investments work, especially working alongside Glen in growing my investment”


“I wanted to diversify my portfolio but I wanted something physical as it was nice to spread my portfolio and it's been an interesting experience”


“My experience with Hackstons has been really informative. I didn’t really understand how the whisky market worked before. What I really like about Hackstons is the person to person contact, I know the people and those people always talk to me”


“It’s been a really good experience working with Hackstons so far, they’re a really good company. My portfolio manager always keeps in regular contact, it's always good to hear what’s been going on in the whisky market”


“Hackstons has been one of the better investments I’ve made. Whenever I call them, they answer the phone. Hackstons are very genuine to me and I feel safe investing with them”

Jimmy & Simon

“They seem to know everything there is to know about whisky and investing. They know their stuff. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, we have been taken through what I think is 7/8 whiskies and apart from the 2nd they were all absolutely fantastic”


“My first impressions of Hackstons were this is just another investment company trying to sell you something. Smooth salesman that has got all of the patter but the more I got to know Hackstons and my rep, they were more interested in me and what suited me as a person and what suited me”


“I feel really positive about whisky investment. I am looking at it as a diversifier to my portfolio, and it's nice to be involved with something that you get a chance to enjoy as well as see the benefit of some of the returns. Really enjoyable event. Very informative, great company, and actually it's delivered fantastic food. It has delivered everything that I wanted”
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The whisky investment industry is unregulated, and as with all investments, the value of your investment can go up and down. Please note, there are risks to consider when investing in cask whisky, you can find more information around other risks relating to whisky cask investment, as well as an outline of some of our key terms of business with you, here.