June 15, 2022

Our Favourite Luxuries Related Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day in the UK is this Sunday! What are some of the best presents for a dad who likes whisky, classic cars or watches?

Father's Day Gifts
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With Father’s Day in the UK just around the corner, ensuring you have the perfect gift can be tough. It’s almost tradition at this point to present either some socks or a bottle of whisky, but we applied our knowledge of the luxuries market to see what other presents are out there for your dad this Sunday. Whether he is a whisky sipper, a watch connoisseur or a petrolhead we’ve got the gift ideas for you. 


In our years of experience we’ve seen just about every tumbler, tasting glass and hip flask, to the point where we no longer get as excited for them. Plenty of sellers provide options for personalised glasses and flasks, recently one of our analysts stumbled upon something pretty special: oak carved tumblers.

Made in North Wales these beautiful solid oak carved tumblers provide a stand out for any whisky drinker. The majority of casks that whisky is aged in are made of the wood from oak trees, so why not enjoy your dram from one? The wood is treated with protective beeswax, which also helps to impart sweet notes into the whisky. A further benefit is that wood makes for a great insulator meaning that the whisky is protected from the warmth of your hand, slowing the melting of the ice, ensuring that the dram does not water down as fast. To top it all off these casks can be laser engraved with a personalised note as well. Check out Mijmoj for these fantastic tumblers. 


While a luxury timepiece might be a hefty present for Father’s Day, there are still plenty of things to get for the dad with a collection of fine watches. While they might already have a watch display box, we really liked these practical travel cases by WOLF 1834

Made of rich authentic leather, these watch rolls are perfect for safely transporting your watches while you travel. With numerous designs ranging from British racing green to sleek black leather, as well as numerous customisation options these cases are a must. 

Classic Cars

When we asked our classic cars analysts what might be some of their preferred gifts for Father’s Day we got a number of answers ranging from a DB5 to anything petrol scented… however, in the end they settled on one gift idea in particular: Rover V8 Engine Block Table

These custom tables made from genuine upcycled car parts make the perfect gift for any classic car aficionado. Birmingham based Autoiconic specialises in crafting bespoke furniture out of classic car parts ranging from lamps, clocks and even sofas. 

We hope you found these gift ideas* as exciting as we did! Of course, if you are looking for something more substantial such as casks of whisky, luxury timepieces and classic cars to add to your investment portfolio, Hackstons can help. Our experts can help you to source the best of investment grade tangible assets. Contact us to find out more. 

*Hackstons is in no way affiliated with these companies. This article is just for sharing these ideas, rather than a purchasing endorsement.

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