April 27, 2022

Hackstons Launches new Documentary Series to Tackle Whisky Myths

We've been working on a new series tackling various myths about whisky and whisky investment. In these videos we visit a wide variety of locations to speak to experts in their fields, in order to gain their unique insights. See below for a link to our first episode.

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Whisky in recent years has taken great strides in shaking off the limited perspective of being a drink purely for elderly gentlemen sitting by the fire. Which is why we have started a series of videos aimed at speaking to the people who are at the heart of this change. 

In ‘Meet the Pros’ our team has gone out and spoken with people at the beating heart of the hospitality industry to understand how tastes in whisky have changed. In our first episode we visited the beautiful Kanishka by Atul Kochhar to speak with Head Bar Manager Nick Smith.

In the episode Nick takes us through some of the most popular scotches on offer at Kanishka, the many different ways that whisky can be enjoyed and how to make a classic highball cocktail. 

This shift in scotch whisky’s image is helpful for anyone interested in whisky investment as it has opened the market beyond a standard preference for peated single malts, into an evolutionary explosion of flavours and profiles. 

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